Monday, May 26, 2014

Keep Learning

Dear Mocha,

    I love to learn. I don't mean learning in just the academic sense. I don't just mean studying to pass your next test. Once school is over that doesn't mean you stop learning. I'm always trying new things and teaching myself new things. Not so I can be smarter really, just so I can be a more well rounded person. I especially love learning new skills. I think it's important to keep learning. I think being willing and open to receive new information is important for growth. There's an enjoyment you get out of understanding new things that you can't seem to get out of quick entertainment. Learning new things can help your self confidence and you your brain. All in all continuing your journey through life, do yourself a favor and never stop learning.

Recently I picked up a new hobby, hooping! I love it. It's a good exercise and so much fun. If you are in need of another form of exercise that is actually fun, I highly recommend it! I love learning new tricks. There are classes out there but I've taught myself through online tutorials. This may not be your typical idea of learning because it doesn't involve text books or facts but I am in fact learning. I have a tendency to jump from hobby to hobby but I have a feeling I'll be stuck on this one for a long time. Nothing feels better than learning a new trick. 

So I encourage you to keep learning. Keep growing and enrich your life. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What I Pack for a Beach Weekend

I don't know about you but I love reading blogs or watching videos on packing. I think because sometimes you'll learn about a product or tip that will help make packing or your trip easier. Also I'm just nosey and I wanna see what's in yo bag. So here's what I packed for our weekend getaway last weekend.

First my Main bag/clothes:

1. That's my other bag that holds me toiletries and makeup and things. 
2. A beach bag. My like my actual purse is kinda large so it's not ideal for laying on the beach. So for me having another bag to carry thing to the beach is a must. 
3. Under garments. I don't need to explain this but an obvious must. 
4. The actual bag I packed my clothes in. Not too small where everything is wrinkled but also not bulky. 
5. Flowy dresses/coverups. Clothes or anything that has multiple uses is very helpful on a trip. It's less things to pack! 
6. Casual/comfy clothes. Since is was a beach trip I wanted to be comfortable and not worry too much about putting myself together. 
7. Bathing suits. Again this is obvious.
8. PJs, I can honestly say there's been times when I've forgot to pack PJs. My mind is always on other things and 'what am I going to sleep in?' always seems to be last. 
9. Shoes. I brought flip flips, sandals, and a pair of shoes to walk in. Practical.

Next is my other bag: 

Inside is my toiletries bag, makeup bag, accessories bag, and a curling iron. 

My toiletries bag

1. Skin care- Though, on vacation your normal routine can get shifted or altered, you still don't want to come home with new blemishes. I packed my LUSH face wash and moisturizer and my moisturizing spray and makeup remover. 
2. Body care- I brought an after sun type lotion since I would be in the sun often, deodorant, and a mini perfume. 
3. Sunscreen- A must! Protect yo skin! I have a high SPF that I put on my tattoos and another one to put on my face for sensitive skin. (There's was more sunscreen there so I didn't need to pack anymore than that.)
4. Eye things- I wear contacts so I couldn't forget my contacts case and a smaller sized contact solution.
5. Tooth brush and tooth paste. This is something I've been known to forget also. Vacation breath isn't a thing, brush your teeth.
6. Hair products- I only brought 3, I didn't want to go crazy (because I could) and pack a lot of hair products. So I brought a wave enhancer to enhance the texture the water gives my hair. I brought my perfect 10 spray because that stuff is amazing and does a lot of things in one instead of packing a lot. It detangles, it's a heat protectant, and makes my hair smell and feel nice. Last I brought a mini hair spray.
7. Hair accessories- I brought my wet brush which is my everyday brush. I brought a round brush and combo for styling. In that gum pack thing is bobby pins, hair clips, and hair ties. Convent right? 

Last but bit least my makeup:

If you know me you know I'm a makeup junkie so I tried my best to keep this as minimal as possible. I packed what I felt like was my must have warm weather makeup. I'm not going to break down everything but just touch on the essentials.

- I packed my regular foundation for going out at night (Loreal Magic Nude liquid powder) and a BB cream (Sample size of Tarte BB cream) for during the day. 
- For eyes I just brought my go to colors/palette, which is the naturals palette from NYX and two colors from Maybeline Color Tattoo line. 
- For lips I brought a few fun spring/summer colors and my everyday nude.
- For my cheeks I brought cheek tints (Benefits benetint and poise tint) and two bronzers (Tartes Park Avenue Princess and Benefits Hula) because I love bronzer especially in the summer. 
  The rest is eyeliners, mascara, eyebrow palette, and brushes. 

And there you have it I'm ready for a weekend getaway. 

I am a girl so I know, stereotypically speaking, I probably pack more than I need to but whatever, it fit into two (not too bulky bags). Not too bad if I say so myself! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was possibly helpful. And if you hated it why are you still reading? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Girls are Funny too

Dear Mocha 

  Tonight I'm super excited because it is the premiere of The Maya Rudolph Show. She is reviving the variety show. I personally love a variety show. When I was a kid I watched a lot of old TV shows with my dad. Shows that were before my time. We used to watch Sonny and Cher all the time. I remember them being so bizarre but in the most entertaining way. I have always been a fan of the muppets. I had a stuffed Fozzie and Gonzo on my bed when I was young. I am a huge fan of Carol Burnett and The Carol Burnett Show. She is such an iconic female comedian. There's nothing I love more than a good female comedian. 

I love funny women. I especially love a female comedian that doesn't have to be vulgar or creud to be funny. This myth going around that women aren't funny haven't seen some if my favorites. They inspire me so much. They inspire me to go for my goals and be fearless. I think it's dangerous to really idolize people but there's nothing wrong with looking up to to people and being inspired by people. 

The biggest thing I think I learn from a good female comedian is to be fearless. They inspire me to not be afraid of making a fool of myself. Be fearless my friends! And watch Maya Rudolph tonight @ 10 on NBC! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Getaway

As you know we spent our anniversary at the Beach. I took plenty of
pictures and videos. I made/edited a video and uploaded it to my
YouTube channel yay! So here it is! 

If for some reason the above isn't working for you here is the actual link:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Story

I meet Joseph winter of 2010 / the beginning of 2011. At the time I had just graduated and was struggling on living in the real world and becoming an adult aka  I was a waitress that got paid just enough to pay bills. Joseph and his friends used to come to my work every weekend (come to find out by Joseph's request) I used to call them my favorite customers. I won't ever forget the first time Joseph actually spoke to me. I asked all of their names, and when I got to Joseph he was so shy and quiet I couldn't understand him. We went back and forth with the what's your name? Joseph what? Joseph what? until his friend Lauren stepped in and said his name was Joe. If you know Joe now you know that quiet is not him. Which is why in hindsight, this memory has become unforgettable. 
He was there almost every Friday and Saturday. Either with a group of friends or just one, whoever he could convince to go with him. He would talk to me when he could about anything until one day he got to courage to walk right up to me and asked for my number with no hesitation and confidence. Like I previously mentioned I wasn't interested in dating but I was so impressed by his confidence how could I say no? That night I meet my friend at a bar where another friend was bar-tending. I told them how ridiculous I felt for giving him my number because he was only 18 and I was 21. I didn't want anything to do with someone that young. 
 But we ended up texting and talking on the phone late at night everyday. I starting realizing how awesome Joseph was way before we started dating. Us hanging out getting to know each other went on for a few months. I didn't want a boyfriend and he knew it. But he was persistent. I was going through some things. But he was persistent. When he would ask if I would be his girlfriend Id always replay no. But he was persistent. Even if I pushed away he was still there. It didn't matter what I was going through or my problems or even my past he was there. To be my friend or my boyfriend.

  Finally I realized how dumb I was being. I found someone I enjoyed spending all my time with and who was there no matter what. I realized how awful it would be if he disappeared from my life. I liked him so much even if I didn't want to admit it. We were practically dating anyways, I was just too stubborn to put a label on it. So one night he stayed over and I told him to ask me one more time. He said " why? you're just going to say no". This time I persisted to ask just one more time. And 3 years ago tomorrow, I finally said yes.

I don't care what happens tomorrow or two years from now. I know that the last three years I wouldn't take back for anything. Every fight or argument has only made us stronger. He has made me better. He let's me know when I'm being ridiculous (sometimes I need that) or when I need to calm down (which I really need) he is so understanding and supportive. He makes me laugh, always, whether I want to or not. And he makes me extremely happy.

  To celebrate our anniversary we will be going to the beach! It's where we spent our 1 year anniversary and it's also the place where we first said I love you. 

I love you Joseph

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fear and Loving

Dear Mocha

This week is special because my anniversary is on Thursday. So forgive me if I get mushy. And to avoid that, this post may be short and later in the week talk more about they mushy details. If you care to read. 

Before I met my boyfriend I was guarded. I wanted nothing to do with love or a relationship. It was in a time in my life  where I was dealing with my medical issues (anxiety and what not if you are new to this blog) I pushed a lot of people away and wouldn't keep a guy around long enough to really get to know me. I told myself I was just independent which was true but the reality was I was scared to fall in love again. I was in a long term relationship previously that ended and I didn't want to do it again. Back then I thought the only thing love resulted in was pain. I didn't want to admit it but I was scared of love. But Im here to tell you that was silly. Relationships aren't easy and yes they can result in pain. People are not perfect so no relationship is perfect. But one thing I have learned and know, is love is easy and love is perfect. It's worth having.

I'm not telling you that you need a significant other or you need to go find your next one. But the advice I give you today is to have the courage when it comes along

I am a better person for being with my boyfriend. He is my rock when I need him to be and my calm in my whirlwind of worries. Even if our relationship ever came to an end I know I am better for the love we have and I'm better for opening up my heart. Don't be afraid of love. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love Affair with YouTube

Hello hello 

So Monday I wrote about an imp irrational video I watched on YouTube. I also mentioned my addiction to YouTube. That's what I wanted to break down for you today. I'm going to share some of my favorite YouTuber. I am subscribed to many.. Many YouTube channels but I'll just share my favorites to avoid this post being ridiculously long. I'm going to break down my favorite into 3 sections; beauty, comedy, and other. 

Let's start with Beauty since it's what I watch the most. 

My very favorite Beauty YouTuber is Nicole Guerriero. I like her beauty channel the best because I don't feel like I'm only listening to a pretty face talk about things she's paid to say. She is funny and entertaining to watch. And of course she does awesome beauty tutorials. 
Watch her here:

Next favorite is It'sJudyTime. She tutorials and favorites like every other beauty guru but her channel most focuses on reviews. I love her channel because it's so helpful. She try products and gives her honest opinion about whether or not it's purchase worthy. (I always watch her vlogs too) 
Watch her Beauty Channel here:
Last two are ThatsHeart and Carli Bybel I like them both and their tutorials. But they are both more like honorable mentions. 
Watch ThatsHearts Channel here:

Watch Carli's Channel here:

Next Comedy

My number one absolute favorite YouTuber and channel is Mamrie Harts You Deserve A Drink. She is hilarious and full or puns! She makes delicious mix drinks while making puns about whatever topic or person she picks. I die every video she does. She also has a second channel called mametown which is also pretty hilarious.
Watch Mamrie's You Deserve a Drink here:

Watch Mametown here:

My second favorite is Flula. He is a German DJ that, well DJs, discusses his confusion with the English language, and teaches you German. He is so funny and the best foreign awkward way. 
Watch Flula here: 

Next is Miranda Sings. You may have seen videos of her or her unforgettable face pop up before. She is a terrible singer, has a bad attitude, and can't pronounce anything correctly. But she's historical. I love when she reads her fan love and hate mail. The person behind the Miranda character is Collen who has another character where she answers questions and shows Miranda bloopers. 
Watch Miranda Sings here:

I also love Grace Helbig and Hannah Harts My Drunk kitchen. Grace puts out a video every Monday through Friday of the most awkwardly funny videos. Hannah drink while she cooks, I mean entertain plus slight education? 
Watch Grace's Channel here:

Watch Hannah's Channel here:

Last but not least the other category. There are a couple other YouTube channels that I want to mention but not sure what to call them. 

First is Anneorshine she's does DIY projects that are fun and do able. And easier to understand than scrolling through Pinterest.
Watchs Ann's Channel here:

Next is LUSH cosmetics channel. This one may seem weird but I am in love with LUSH and I like to see their videos explaining products. Their videos highlight one product and are usually short and sweet. 
Watch LUSH's Channel here:

Next is the Tonight Show's YouTube. Ever night they highlight what happened on the episode the night before and upload any skits they did. 
Watch The Tonight Show's Channel here: 

That's it! There are tons more I could have mentioned but I tried to keep it as short as possible. If you are addicted to YouTube like I am you might have already known about theses and if you haven't check them out and find out for yourself why I have a love affair with YouTube

Monday, May 5, 2014

Beauty with Kandee J

This weeks post is inspired by a video I watched today. If you know me personally you probably know that in addicted to YouTube. I love YouTube. We'll save my YouTube addiction conversation for another day. Today I am focusing on one youtuber and specifically the video she posted today. I have followed Kandee Johnson for a long time now. I first found her in college when I was looking for video on how to cut up old t-shirts. She is a makeup artist and a majority of her YouTube videos are beauty related but every so often she change it up and more often than that she will post an encouraging video. She will say a few helpful words of wisdom in hopes to help and inspire her over 2 million subscribers. Yea over two million. I think it's brilliant that she takes the time to say something encouraging when she has that large if a audience. Here is the video.

I love everything she said in this video. She's such a lovely person. If you didn't watch the video and skipped down (I do encourage you to watch it), the topic of her video is accepting and loving who you are inside and out. But most importantly the beauty on the inside. She talks about how your inner beauty can shine from the inside out. Your inner beauty is your most attractive quality. My favorite thing she said in this video is "My face may not feel perfect but our heart can give off perfect love" 

I love makeup and beauty products. I love things that make me feel pretty and clean. And I know that my true beauty shines from within but sometimes I do need a reminder that it doesn't matter how put together my outer appearance is, what matters is my inner beauty and the perfect love my heart can give.

 I hope if you watched the video that you were as inspired by Kandee Johnson as much as I was. I hope you never forget how beautiful you are. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Long Lasting Makeup

One of my concerns with wearing makeup is making it last all day. Over the years I've learned some tips and found products that will help! Since it's Prom and will be wedding season I thought this would be helpful.

First Step: 
Start with a clean and moisturized face. If you will be using your hands or fingers while applying have clean hands as well. Like an art you want to start with the most ideal canvas. Find the best cleanser and oil free mositerizer that best suits your skin. 

Second Step: 
Find a good primer. I've only experimented with a few primers. There are some high end primers that will do wonders but my favorite drug store primer is a Nyx primer. It's inexpensive and definitely helps keep my makeup on and looking fresh. There are primers for mattefying, oily skin, and pore minimizers. Just find one that suits your needs and preferably long lasting.

Third Step: 
Find a good liquid foundation. Just like finding a good cleanser you need to find a good foundation that not only suits your skin tone but your skin type. If you have oily skin look for foundations for oily skin etc. Look for products that stay things like long lasting or 24 hrs. Here are a couple of my favorite. 

Fourth Step:
Set your foundation with a powder. I think if you have a good liquid foundation the quality of the powder isn't as important. Thats just my opinion. If your looking for something that will last hours try to find something that has matte finish, this will help you from getting shiney or oily. Here is my favorite.

Fifth Step:
Invest in a setting spray. This will definetly help keep your makeup in place while you dance the night away. It will helpwith  smudging and fading. Here is my favorite. 

Here are a couple other products and tips to help your makeup stay put! 
When choosing any products look for things that say waterproof or long lasting. Avoid anything oily. 

When applying eyeshadow use either an eye primer or a cream based shadow first. This is my favorite product to use either by itself or under whatever colors you want. When it says 24 hrs it means it! I struggled with oily eye lids and creased eyeshadow for the longest time until I discovered this trick. Here is what I've used. 

Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Whether your sweating on the dance floor, tearing up at a wedding, or you just have watery eyes this tip is a life saver. The last thing you want is raccoon eyes or a mascara washed face. 

Bring a blotting powder with you. It could be the powder you used to set your liquid foundation or a powder specifically used for blotting. 

To have longer lasting lipstick use lip liner on your whole lip instead of just the outline. I now this May sound strange but liner naturally last longer. Find a liner close to your lips stick and cover those lips. 

And last this is just a general tip. If your are going to be attending any even that involves pictures don't forget your neck! Apply your foundation not only on your face but also down your neck. You don't want to look like you're caked on (even if you are)