Monday, February 24, 2014

What's next?

I almost didn't post today. Mostly because I wasn't sure what to post about. Something has been in my mind lately. The same question ringing in my head.

What's next? 

I have never been the type of person who  likes to stand still. I'm always reaching for another goal. Lately Ive been unsure what that goal is. It seems my life is at a stand still and it's time for the next goal. I don't know what that is, but one thing is for sure I'm going to keep forward and reaching for goals. 

My advice to you this week is simple. Don't stop reaching for goals. Don't stop dreaming. Don't ever lose your ambition to keep moving forward. Life will make you feel like this is it. But it's never it until you say it is. I'm in a place in my life where I have to remind myself of this so I thought I'd tell you to. Your dreams are tangible only if youre willing to reach for them. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Video Games Taught Me

I've played video games since I was really little. I can still remember that Christmas when I got my Super Nintendo. If anyone tells you video games are bad they are totally off. I learned so much from video games that I can apply to everyday life. I stuck to classic video games for this so let's take a walk down memory lane shall we? 

Mario taught me:

It doesn't matter how much you help someone if they aren't willing to help themselves they'll always end up in the same situation. 

Reach for the stars.

Zelda taught me:

Don't under estimate a kid. 

The importance of keeping a large wallet, bomb bag, and ocarina on your person at all times. Also how useful bombs can be just don't hold them for too long.

Mario Kart taught me:

Never run over a banana peel. Seriously that is dangerous. 

Banjo Kazooie taught me:

It's incredibly useful to wear a backpack with a bird in it. There's no steep hill you can't conquer! 

It's ok to trust voodoo shaman with a skull for a head. Don't worry his magic will wear off if you walk far enough away. 

Kirby has taught me:

Maybe if I swallow enough air I'll fly or bloat. Probably bloat.

It's ok to try new things. Eat everything.

Mortal Kombat taught me:

Its ok if you don't know what you're doing. Eventually you'll get it or get good at pretending you know what youre doing.

If you are going to get in a fight, make sure your opponent is all the way out, finish him with a swift punch or kick if need be. Also when I was little I always thought KO was Japanese for ok. True story. And then I realized it was knock out. 

Yoshis Story taught me:

The importance of a good theme song for nostalgia purposes. Also reminded me how awesome pop up books are. 

Donkey Kong taught me: 

The importance of arm muscles. 

Also good hair. 

The most important thing video games taught me, especially the classics, is the importance of friendship. Whenever your in a rut or held hostage, true friends will always be there to save you. 

And no matter how many times you fail or fall just start over and keep going.
 Also patience. 

I could have kept going on a few of these, maybe I'll do a part two or another one with more current video games. Let me know what video games taught you. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Grandpas Advice and Staying Positive

Controlling my anger is something I've learned to do and have talked about in a previous post. But I think a much harder task is learning to stay calm and positive in a negative situation. Lately I've had problems at work. Without going into detail it's been difficult to not blow up on someone and really inappropriately give certain people a piece of my mind.

Though I am thoroughly getting irritated by work and want to scream I have to remember the positives, if anything, to stay sane and grateful for what I do have. Trust me it's difficult but it's the best way to get out of a crap situation and be the bigger person. Life is too short to stay unhappy.

So what I do is think of the positives. Like in my situation, I am fed up but at least I have a job. There are so many people struggling to get by but I have a job that provides me with not only what I need but also at times what I want. And yea I might be irritated but it could be so much worse. No matter what the situation is it could always be worse.

Once when I was just a kid I was at a mall with my grandfather. We were people watching and saw a kid who was the around same age as me in a wheelchair was being pushed by his mother trying to get through the mall crowd. My grandfather looked at me and said the minute you think you have it bad and your life is tough you need to think again. That memory and that bit of advice has stuck with me for years. Whenever I'm in a place where I'm angry with how things are going or I feel like I'm in a rut I remember my grandpa and what he told me that day. I remember that I have the ability to walk and talk and take care of myself. I remember that I have a roof over my head and a supportive family. 

I'm not telling you to go through life not striving for something better. I'm telling you to not dwell on the negatives and the things that make you angry. I'm telling you to remember it could be worse, pick yourself up and keep moving forward. 

On to bigger and better things 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ideas for Valentines Day single or not

Need some help with Valentines day ideas? Are you single? Are you in a relationship? I can help! Maybe. We'll see. Here's 8 ideas for each!  

Let's start with single ideas: 
1. Make a pie Instagram it and then eat it.
2. Go out with your single friends! 
3. Have the guts to tell the person you do like that you like them! Do it. What better day than Valentines Day? If they don't like you they are missing out who needs them! 
4. Volunteer! Don't have a special someone special? There no better way to make make yourself happy by making go others happy.
5. Horror movie marathon! Rebel! Rebel! 
6. Read that book you've been meaning to read. 
7. Make something! Anything! 
8. Feast! Try a new recipe! 

Now how about date ideas? We all don't have a bunch of money to spend so here ideas other than the traditional dinner and a movie. 

1. Cook a meal together at home.
2. Go to a planetarium or make your own with glow in the dark stars.
3. Make or build a scavenger hunt and make the surprise you or a kiss or a pie!
4. Have a movie marathon at home together try Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or any movies. 
5. Build an indoor tent and have a carpet picnic 
6. Get crafty together do a couples craft or something you both can use.
7. Make it a game night
8. Go to your favorite park or part of town and go for a walk. Get a coffee to go and enjoy the outdoors and each other. 

Hope that helps! If all else fails pretend it's a regular Friday. Or eat pie. I love pie. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

I Love You

Dear Mocha

Valentines day is this Friday and either you're excited or dreading it. That seems like that's the consensus at least. When I was younger and single valentines day left a bitter taste in my mouth. Mostly because I dwelled on being single, but now that I'm older I've realized there isn't a need to be so bitter. Valentines day has been made into a day based around roses, heart shaped everything, spending more money than is necessary, and not to mention for couples only. This does not have to be what your valentines day is about. 

First of all your Valentines should be about love and celebrating it regardless if you're in a relationship. Why? Because love is great. Love is perfect. It's humans that are imperfect. Which is ok but you can't be afraid of love and you should definitely celebrate it.

You have friends in your life that I'm sure you love. Show them your appreciation and love for them. I don't mean with a box of chocolates and flowers.. I mean unless you want. And if you're that friendly send the chocolates this way. Also, your family, I'm sure you love them too and that should be celebrated. The fact that you have people in your life that you love and love you too should be celebrated! 

Most importantly love yourself. Some days doing that is very difficult. It's all too easy to dwell on your mistakes or insecurities. But you are awesome. I mean you're reading this blog so in my opinion you're amazing. If nothing else this valentines just try to remember to love yourself. You are worth loving. 

There's plenty of ways to celebrate Valentines Day with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend (don't worry that will be another post). And that doesn't mean some grand plans, it could be simple or just another day with a simple reminder to love yourself. At minimum don't spend your Valentines Day being sour and down and depressing. I find it so annoying, no one likes to hear or read about people whining. If anything all the whiners should get together on valentines day and celebrate their lack of concern for love or join a fight club. I'm just kidding don't do that. There are so many things and people in this world to be thankful for. It's a waste of a day and energy to spend it pouting about your lack of a relationship. It's a day to celebrate love, whatever love you have in your life. I mean if you're reading this I love you! And I'm happy to celebrate that. So when Friday comes around celebrate the love you are blessed to have in your life whether it's friends or family or a special someone. Love your friends Love your family Love yourself.

And don't forget I love you! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Benefit B.right! Skincare Review

Hello hello

So did a post about the skincare products I use and I mentioned I recently bought the Benefit B.right intro kit. I know Mocha is a fan of Benefit also so I wanted to do a quick review.

1. It's Potent! eye cream  
Reg price $34.00 
- this product claims to fade dark circles and fine lines. I don't have fine lines but I do have dark circles. I used this around my eyes everynight and never really noticed a difference. For $34!? No thanks! 

2. Total Moisture face cream
Reg price $40.00 
- This moisturizer was really nice I loved the smell. It smells so good and clean. It didn't leave my skin feeling oily and helped with winter dryness. But my current moisturizer works just as well for half the cost. So I wouldn't re-purchase this. 

3. Triple performing facial emulsion 
Reg price $30.00 
- emulsion? What? In other words a moisturizer with SPF. Again this smelled great but not special enough for me to switch my current moisturizer for something that cost more. 

4. Foamingly clean facial wash 
Reg price $22.00 
- this product claims to be a gentle wash for all skin types. I would have to agree with that. It left my face feeling clean and not too rough on my skin. This was a great cleanser but again the current one I use works just as well at half the price.

5. Refined finish facial polish 
Reg price $23.00 
- I actually didn't use this product too much. It's basically a gentle exfoliater. Which again worked but I would pay more when there are products that do the same for less. 

6. Moisture prep toning lotion 
Reg price $30.00
- I saved the best for last! I LOVED this product. I don't use toners because they always leave my face feeling so dry and tight even after I moisturize. But this product did not leave my face feeling dry at all. It actually left my face feeling extra clean and smooth. The Benefit website says it "smoothes and revitalizes allowing skin to fully optimize benefits of your moisterizer" and I have to fully agree. I still have some of my little bottle left. You really don't need a whole lot to cover your face. It is still a little pricey but it's the only product Id concider re-purchasing. I loved it. 

So overall it is a nice skin care line that smells great with adorable packaging but over priced. My current skin care routine works for me and at half the price. I'm concidering purchasing the moisture prep toning lotion but other than that I won't be repurchasing. Love you Benefit but why you gotta cost so much?? 

Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Lip Exfoliating Scrub

Cold weather = chapped lips and chapped lips = pain in the butt! I found a lot of DIY lip scrubs but I think this worked best for me. I like simple, there were a lot author food coloring and oils and a whole bunch of stuff that seems a little uncessicary to me. This simple DIY worked beautifully for me. It's perfect if you want to wear a matte lip without all the dryed chapped lips or if your lips simply need some. My boyfriend even used this to rid some if the dry skin on his lips! 

Here is what you'll need:
A spoon full of sugar 
A spoon full of coconut oil 
A few drops of honey 
A container to keep it in 

You can more or less of this just make sure there are equal parts sugar and coconut oil. The container is a container for a moisturizer I didn't really like so I emptied it and washed it out. 

First pour in your spoon full if sugar to help the medicine to go down. Nope. Pour your spoon full of sugar in your container. The sugar will help exfoliate your lips. 
And then your spoon full of coconut oil. This coconut oil from Trader Joes. Coconut oil has so many uses, I love using it in my hair. It feels really moisturizing on your lips too!
Then you'll want to mix then together with whatever you have that will fix in your container to mix around. I just used a plastic knife. 
When it looks it doesn't look that gritty when you mix it together but it trust me. Next you'll add your honey. 
And mix again until everything is thourghly combined. It will look a little something like this. 
Ok to show you here is my lips before
Gross I know. This picture doesn't do it justice to how dry my lips were.

So to apply I just used my finger and rubbed it in. I keeped adding more as I rubbed it in because my lips were extremely dry. 
Here are my smooth and moisturized lips after.
So much better! I use this every night and it took two exfoliating sessions for my lips to feel like they were back to normal.

One last but important last step. After you exfoliate apply some kind if chapstick. Since I I used this at night I used one of my two night night lip products. 

The CO Bogelow is my favorite. Your lips still feel moisturized in the morning. I got it from bath and body works a while long time ago. I'm not sure where else you can purchase this of anything from that company really.

So there you have it such a simple DIY and works wonders! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

I am Not my Anxiety

Dear Mocha 

I stumbled on this project by photographer Steve Rosenfield called What I Be Project. It's inspiring and beautiful. Their motto is building security through insecurity. So I've been inspired to talk about my biggest insecurity. Something some of my family don't know about me or even understand about me, something I keep hidden because most of the time I feel like it's the worst part of me. 

Everyone gets anxiety everyone gets anxious. Getting hit with anxiety from time to time isn't abnormal, once your head is clear and gain control of your emotions you move forward. Unless you are me or anyone else with an anxiety disorder.

Web MD defines anxiety disorder or Genenralized anxiety disorder as: "This disorder involves excessive, unrealistic worry and tension, even if there is little or nothing to provoke the anxiety."

It really doesn't matter how you word it, there isn't a word or words that could really descirbe how aweful it can be. I have suffered from an anxiety disorder for a few years. It really hit me in college after a car accident I was in, and it only got worse. At first I didn't know what an anxiety disorder was or that it was even a real thing. So for years I just thought and felt like I was crazy. For years I thought there was something wrong with me and I was too ashamed to talk about it. I didn't tell anyone and still to this day it's hard for me to talk about it. I would get anxious and just want to lay in my bed and stay there. I finally opened up to my best friend Jamie and I told him how I feel sometimes. He told me that I might have anxiety and he told me that his dad has it too. Little by little it got easier to talk to Jamie about what I was going through because he knew someone who went through it also. He didn't make me feel like a basket case, which is what I thought would happen if I ever talked about it because I felt crazy. I even got to talk to his dad about it. His dad is a pastor at an awesome church and he's a totally amazing human being, someone I really look up to. He told me about it being taboo in the 90s when he went to doctors then. He told me about going to the hospital because he thought he was having a heart attack. He described how he felt when anxiety would decide to crash in and for the first time I had someone I could relate to. For the first time I didn't feel so crazy and if I was at least someone was crazy with me. When I was anxious around him he would hold my hands and pray with me. It's such a simple gesture but one of the best things and form of medication anyone has ever offered me, because he taught me how to do it myself. He taught me how to let the darkness out and The Light in.

It's kind of hard to describe what happens when I get an anxiety attack because its not always the same and it's always unexpected. It usually starts with my heart starting to race. It feels like it will beat out of my chest. Then it gets hard to breathe like I can't quite get a breath in. My appendages feel like they are turning numb and my fingers and toes get tingly. I start shaking and usually crying by this point. I feel anxious and scared and it's almost impossible to turn off. It's all in my brain and it's hard to tell your brain what to do sometimes. It feels like a heart attack. It feels like you loose control. It's scarey and the worst uncontrollable feeling. Sometimes I just get a little anxious about something and I'll just want to go lay down and hide away or I'll just shut down. There are certain things that trigger it for me but for the most part it's random. If I get really upset about anything, I might have an anxiety attack, sitting it traffic when I'm trying to go somewhere, or disappointing people I care about are my biggest triggers. It's nearly impossibly to turn it off when you want to. 

There was a time when a good friend of mine and roommate at the time was in the hospital when I felt my lowest. I felt alone and constantly anxious. There were times when my thoughts got dark. I was lost and scared. You can only go on for so long feeling crazy before your demons start to make sense. Thats when I decided to get help. I talked to my doctor and now I take medicine which I was nervous about taking at first. I didn't want to be "medicated". Knowing I would probably get perscibed something is one of the reasons I was scared to go to a doctor at first. Though the thought of being medicated scared me it's what I needed to be strong to get out of my lonely hole. It's a daily battle but I got the help and support I needed. I'm in a better place than when my anxiety was at it's worst. I'm stronger. I'm better. If you think you might have an anxiety disorder the best thing you can do is tell someone. It may be hard but you need to let someone know. Talk to your doctor and discuss the next steps you need to take. Don't let it control you and don't hide away. You don't have to fight this battle alone. 

The most important thing about anxiety disorder is that it is not a reflection of who you are or your weakness. In my opinion it makes you a fighter, each tough day is a reminder that you are a survivor. And you are not alone, you are not crazy, and you will be ok. Just like I am. I am not my anxiety. 

I want you to know you are not your label placed by you or anyone else, you are not your insecurityMaybe this post will inspire to take your own photo for What I Be Project. At minimum maybe you'll rethink making fun of or hurting someone based on a label. For more information or to see inspiring imagines go to

If you have anxiety and have more questions let me know, I'd love to help. If you know someone who has anxiety and they need help or you just have questions  comment and let me know. I am not an expert but I am here for you. You are not alone.