Friday, April 15, 2016

St Pattys Day Pub Crawl 2016

Every year we attend the St Pattys day pub crawl here in Charlotte. Last year I worked part of the event so I didn't get to vlog it but I did the year before that and now again this year! Check out the vlog below!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Current Favorite Makeup / April 2016

I want to make sharing my current makeup must haves/favs a regular thing because the makeup I use changes so regularly when I do have a fav its a big deal (to me at least) and at minimum its worth sharing.
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

First the ELF brush, this brush is fan shaped and it works as a great and quick sculpting tool for bronzer. If you want a precise contour this isn't the brush you want but for bronzer its perfect I love it.

Second the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette has just been my absolute fav since I purchased it. I love the warm tones. Also I smells like PB&J how do you not love that. I highly recommend getting it while you can before it sells out.

Third the butter bronzer is a perfect everyday bronzer. My real everyday makeup it limited to tinted moisturizer or bb cream, mascara (brow and eyelash), bronzer, and a lip. and for those days this bronzer is the best not to mention it smells sooo good, kinda like a pina colada. If you don't like really fragrant things I wouldn't recommend it.

Fourth, like I said my real everyday makeup is limited and this brow mascara is for those days. It helps make my brows look fuller and helps them stay in place. and its only $3!!  

Fifth and last is this awesome setting powder. I wanted to try some setting powders out because some of my foundations were looking a little oily or two shiny on me. Also I wanted something to help my makeup last but more specifically my concealer. This is one of the setting powders I purchased. I love this one in particular because 1. its brightening and I need that 2. it smells like vanilla 3. its does the job I need to do as far as being a setting powder and 4. I love the vintage packaging (Always a sucker for packaging) 

It seems Ive been loving things that smell good.. lol.
So those are my current must haves/favorites what are some of yours right now?