Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Best Policy

Dear Mocha, 

Honesty is the best policy. We've all heard it. We all agree with it. But when honesty or the truth can be hurtful do you still agree? When being honest may hurt someone's feelings or cause avoidable turmoil do you still think that honesty is the best policy or at that point do you feel like white lies or hidden truths become a better policy? 

Being in a situation where, if you are honest you could potentially hurt someone is stressful. It makes you question the idea of honesty being the best policy. In most situations there is an easy or at least easier way out. When it comes to your integrity always pick the best way not the easier way. When it comes down to it always pick honesty. Though it may make things seem more difficult now it's always best in the long run. 

I've been in plenty of situations where it may have been easier to mask the truth then say what needs to be said. I'd be lying if I said every single time I picked honesty. Learning from those situations in the long run and for the sake of your integrity, honesty really is the best policy. Be the person that has the courage to stand by that phrase every single time. Don't be the person who hides behind short cuts and white lies. Stand tall stand, stand strong, and stay honest. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

#FBF : Flash Back Friday 7/10/15


Not whole of exciting things happening in my life still working a lot but I have bought a few new beauty products that I have either yet to use or currently testing. 
Here some of the things I've got in the past few weeks 

I've tried everything in the top picture. I got the shampoo because youtuber Ingrid Nilsen mentioned it in one of her favorites videos. It's super inexpensive and it's been great for my oily hair. The eyebrow plumper has become a makeup staple now. I always use it. Regardless if I fill my brows in I always, at minimum use that. It's plumps and keeps my brows where I want them all day. If you're now one to fill in your brows but want to plump them of try a beginner brow product I highly recommend it. 
  The second picture is a more recent haul. I'm really excited to try the smashbox primer spray. I'm so glad I Sephora had a sample size or travel size to try before commiting to the big one. That Pixi spray was another YouTube inspired purchase thanks to Judy from Its Judys Life. I also just love anything 
rose or rose water. The little plastic bag is a sample of Origins Charcoal mask. The lovely lady at Sephora recommended it. I've been having some skin issues lately. I ran out of my homemade fashwash which helped my face tremendously but once it was out my face went back to weird texture, dry and breaking out. So I made some more finally and bought some masks to help get my face back to normal. 

I'm really excited about all of these. I tried the pumpkin one last night and I really liked it. I don't recommend it for sensitive skin. But if you need a good exfoliating mask this one is great and it smells like pumpkin pie! I'll probably do a full review when I've tried them all a couple times. 

I originally went into Sephora to find a highlighter. I, along with most of the makeup community, have been obsessed with highlighting. My go to is Mary Loumanizer by The Balm. 

Have you seen this floating around the Internet? 
Let's be real contouring isn't going anywhere but this whole idea of glowing skin is beautiful and much less face altering than contouring. I love it. I'll probably do a post on how I do it without looking like a straight up disco ball. I'll also go through some glowing face products I have and use. 

If you want to know about anything I got that didn't mention let me know! I hope you are having a fabulous week and you have a fantastic weekend! 


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Things You Don't Miss About High School

Since Mocha the very inspiration for this blog is graduated from high school, I thought about my high school experience and I realized how much I don't miss high school at all. Though graduation is exciting it is also a little sad. As the summer comes and goes and fall comes back around everyone's lives will start to move on. So when that all sinks in and you may start to think you miss highschool here's a list of this you will not miss from high school: 

1. Raising our hand to use the restroom 

2. Standardized tests


4. High school dress code 

5. The bus 

6. High school cliques 

7. Assigned seating 

8. Required parent signature 

9. Gym Class 

10. 50 pound backpacks 

11. Constant bells 

12. Try hard substitutes 

13. Fire drills
14.  Highschool drama 

15. School lunch 

I do miss high school fries. And there will be things you miss like seeing your friends everyday. Or even being able to keep in touch with those friends. 

Now starts the real challenge of becoming an adult. I can't say I've quite figured it out. Good luck. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Ipsy

I'm going to do a real quick June Ipsy. Since it's kinda late. 

Here's what I got: 
Another simple but cute bag. Does anyone need any little makeup bags? Haha
Love the nail polish beautiful summer color. 
Love the eyeshadow crayon. I love quick throw on stuff like this lately that I can keep in my make up bag. The color is subtle but you can layer it.
The primer is good. Not my favorite but it's a good quality, I've actually used it before. 
The eyeliner I've also used before. I have a love hate relationship with it. I loooove the matte bold finish, however it's staying power eh. I've purchased it before getting it in my Ipsy bag and I just wish it would stay on my eyes. 
Ok last the Selfie tan and go bronzer is so strange but I like it? It's super weird to apply becaus it feels like hair gel. It has little brown beads that break apart and create the color. It drys really quick so you have to work fast. But lately I've been all about the super bronzed I've been laying out by the pool all day look and that's what this product gives you. I feel like a lot of people wouldn't like this but it's been great for me. It's really great for my chest, neck, and shoulders to kinda bronze them up and really get the full bronzed effect.

And here's the look: 
Cooper photo bombed. 

I am still really happy with my Ipsy bags. The past few months have been awesome. They have had products I really liked, and at minimum really like trying. I don't know what I'm going to do with all these bags though. Can't wait for Julys bag! 

If you want to get your hands on your own Ipsy bag or have questions about it let me know!