Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Faking Real Ramen


Through college, high school, and even today Ramen has been a staple in my pantry. It's quick, yummy, perfect when you're sick or when you're feeling lazy. It's also full of sodium and preservatives that make it not so good for you. So when I can hack ramen or make it better after years of eating it I do. I've never had real Japanese ramen even though I've always wanted to try it. Especially after watching the 2009 film Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy. (Look it up on Netflix. *It's alright* like it or not you'll want ramen)

So keep in mind I'm a *real* ramen virgin and I'm totally faking it here, but this is how I make real/fake ramen. 

To fake real ramen you'll need the 3 staples: 
  • Some kind of vegetables especially leafy green ones
  • Some kind of meat 
  • Egg

What I used (for two)
2 packs of Ramen I used chicken flavor
1 packet of the Ramen flavoring ( to cut back on all the bad stuff in those things)
Cooked chicken ( I just baked mine with salt and pepper then sliced) 
Soy sauce 
Sesame seed oil 
Cooked Corn
Green onion chopped 
One soft boiled egg 
One hard boiled egg (boyfriend doesn't like soft boiled)

If you are going to try to follow my recipe remember 1) I'm faking it 2) you have to eat it so make it your own all the ingredients I used are optional. 

First boil your noodles as usual. 

Next if you are cooking two ramen packages use only one seasoning packet, if you are only cooking one then only use half.

Add spinach 

Next add your soy sauce and sesame oil. I'm not going to tell you how much because this is completely preference. I suggest adding a little at a time until you get a taste you are happy with. 

Then put your creation into a bowl. Then simply put your ingredients on top of the noodles. I arranged my vegetables and I cut the eggs on top for a pretty presentation. 

Yum!! Very filling and delicious (and boyfriend approved)! 

There's my real/fake ramen. I have a few ramen hack recipes up my sleeve. I mean it's been years of eating ramen. But if you want to impress someone with your ramen making abilities this one looks the most impressive. Try your own real/fake ramen let me know how it goes! 

Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear Mocha 

Have you ever had someone in your life you did not like but had to be cordial? Maybe you had friends in common or it was a coworker. I have a couple people in my life I don't care for. People I wouldn't choose to hang around but due to whatever reason Im in situation where I have to. Im also put in a situation where I have to hold my tongue and put on a nice face. Why? Why not tell them how I really feel and let them have it? In some situations it just not appropriate. In some situations its not worth it. I am also not the type of person to just be mean or rude for the sake of being rude. If I have something that needs to be said don't worry you'll know but just because you rub me the wrong way I don't have a reason to be mean or rude.There's no need to create or stir unnecessary drama. There's no reason to start a feud that makes other friends feel uncomfortable.

How do I do this without being two faced or fake? Its a very thin line. I just try my best to keep my big mouth shut and stay positive. I try to avoid situations that I don't need to be involved in. But I feel like this brings us back to why? and here is the main reason. Its not worth it to be disliked for being mean. Its not worth it to just be the B word. There are plenty of people that are going to dislike you or even hate you. Maybe they will have their reasons but being rude for the sake of being mean shouldn't be one of them. You're better than that. I know you are.

Here are some reasons to be hated or not to be hated:

Be hated for being yourself and refusing to be anyone else.
Be hated for loving what you love regardless of others opinions.
Be hated because you stand up for what you believe in.
Be hated because you refuse to let others tear you down.

Dont be hated for being mean because you can.
Dont be hated for putting people down.
Dont be hated for talking crap.
Dont be hated because given the opportunity you were mean instead of kind or cordial.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sh*t Happens

Dear Mocha 

The post I originally wrote today got deleted. At this point I don't want to re-type what I already typed because now I'm irritated. I could literally break all of the electronics. It was very positive and happy post, and seeing as how I'm not feeling either of those things I don't think it will turn out as good as the first time I wrote it. 

So instead let's get real. 
Sometimes things get messed up and (pardon my french but) sh*t happens. It would be so easy for me to say screw it and not post today. It would be so easy to throw my hands in the air and say oh well forget this! It's easy to let frustration get the best of you. When I allow frustration and anger get the best of me, I do things or say things I regret. I know I'm not alone on this. I know if I didn't post today it would be the first time I didn't post a Mocha Monday. And I know once the frustration and anger went away Id feel like I let you down, regardless of who reads this or if you read every Monday. I'd regret not sticking to my weekly post. 

My tip for today; Don't act out of frustration or anger. You'll regret it or even get yourself in trouble. When I realized my post was gone, I took a breath, did something else for a minute, and then I wrote this post instead and I'm glad I did. I almost feel like this what I was supposed to write about today. Maybe someone needed to read this? Or maybe I just needed to write this? Hmm I don't know but I'm glad I wrote it.

Sometimes sh*t happens. And let me tell you it will continue to happen life is like that. But as I've said numerous times just keep moving forward. Like this blog post, sometimes something good can come out of not giving up or letting frustration get the best of you. 

I hope you had a great Easter I definetly did and I hope this post was helpful to you. 

Sometimes good can come out of something bad even if we don't see it right away. 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Flower Headbands

 I made a flower head band a year ago and luckily I took pictures and documented it just in case it would be a blog post someday. I love the flower head bands I think they are very cute, but I could never find the exact arrangement of flowers or type of head band I liked, so I made my own. I've seen a few tutorials on flower head bands that include more supplies like wire and a little more skill. I wanted to make one that would sit comfortably on my head for a long period of time (and one I wouldn't screw up).  This tutorial is pretty simple and I love how it turned out. For those of you asking about the flower headband in the picture below I made it the same way.

What you will need:

Fake flowers of your choice
    -I used 5-6 flowers on each of mine so get as many as you'll think you'll need.
A head band
    - I like the stretchy head bands for this purpose because they stay on my head better and they are more comfortable for me. The one I used I bought as a two pack from old navy. Any head band would work as long as it has a thick glue-able surface. 
Strong glue
    - I think hot glue would have been and better choice but I used what I had. I used E-600 that I found at Michaels. I use it for everything. Its a tough glue that does take too long to dry and a little goes a long way.
A marker or sharpie
     - I just found whatever sharpie was laying around. Anything that will make a mark on your headband will work. 
A bowl and tape
     - I needed these items to hold the head band in a stretched position while I glued and let the glue dry. 

First you'll want to take the flowers off the plastic stems (or cut the flowers off) to create a flat surface for gluing. As I learned when I did the black roses, be careful about how much of the plastic you remove. If you take all of it off there's a chance your petals will become detached from each other. If the happens you'll just need to do an extra step and glue them back together. 

Now you'll need to get your head band ready to glue. You'll need to compensate for the amount of stretching you'll do when you're putting the headband on and off your head. Pull your head band around a medium size bowl. You'll need the bowl to be the size of your head or a little larger. To make the head band stay in place I tapped it with scotch tape. Just don't tape it anywhere you plan on gluing flowers. If you do need to tape more just remove/move the tap as you go. 

Next I played around with flower placement. I just experimented on where I thought I would want the flowers and how far apart I wanted them. When I figured out where I wanted them I marked it with a sharpie. I didn't mark every place for each flower in the beginning because I wanted to see how each one looked once as it was glued. So I marked the first place glued a flower then marked the second and so on. This worked best for me but if its easier for you to mark them all out first that's ok too.

Once you've finished let the head band sit for awhile and let the glue completely dry. I think I left it for and hour or two before I messed with it.

I pulled and moved the flowers a little to make sure they were staying in place and to see if the glue was completely dry. If it is ready, take it off the bowl and wear your beautiful creation.

 ^um can we notice the difference in a year^

  I only went about half way around with the flowers because I felt it was a little more wearable, if you want to go all the way around use a stretchy head band like I did. In the picture above I'm actually wearing it more like a crown so the stretchy head band will totally work. Also I recommend trying the head band and how it sits on your head. You'll just have to be a little more patient with gluing. I think I may try to do a flower crown with flowers all around. If I do I'll keep you updated! 

I hope you loved this tutorial and it was helpful. If you make some flower head bands or flower crowns for yourself let me know how they turned out! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Imperfect friends

Dear Mocha 

  I've talked about a lot about friends on this blog. Mostly about how friends are towards you and what you allow and all that good stuff. What about you as a friend? Are you a good friend? No one is perfect so no one can be the perfect friend. Like any good relationship there will be ups and downs. But that's what makes your relationship stronger. How you're willing to work through problems and understand each other builds a better relationship. 

  What about when you're in the wrong? Can you say when you're wrong? Are you willing to admit when you're wrong? If I'm being honest I'm not always. Especially when it comes to friends. I don't know why. You expect arguments with parents, siblings, and significant others but with friends it's different. It shouldn't be. If you get into an argument with a friend or you've drifted from someone because of a disagreement; can you look inside yourself and reflect on your own actions and admit your own faults? Let me tell you it's hard. Especially when it comes to friends. It's like you expect them to apologize, you expect them to admit they are wrong and you expect them to mend things. Because that's what friends do right? But if you're wrong how can you expect them to always be the bigger person?
  It seems a lot of people think they can do something wrong, or whatever the case my be, and then let time go by and then mask their issues with kindness. Your excessive kindness (or attempt at it) isn't going to resolve your underlying issues. Issues that might still be bothering your friend. Next time you and a friend get in a tussle really consider how they feel and how your own actions could've make them feel. You're not perfect, I'm not perfect and neither are any of your friends. Love each other. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My First Kiss

Dear Mocha

  Ok so Monday I told you a terrifying and embarrassing story of my kinda first kiss. Today prepare yourself for the uncomfortable story of my actual first kiss. 
  Do you ever look back at awkward events and replay it your head and feel just as weird and awkward as when it happened because it was just that awkward the first time around? I hope that's not just me. But that's how this story makes me feel. 

   Ok this one took place in Virginia Beach Virginia. We moved there after Oregon. I was attending Independence Middle school and in the 8th grade. 

I had a "boyfriend" named Beau. (Yup Beau, if you knew me in middle school and are now laughing that Beau was my first kiss I'm laughing with you) And let's be honest about what a "boyfriend" was in middle school. We liked each other and enjoyed each others company. We passed notes in class, sat together at lunch, and he walked me to the bus after school. Oh the simplicity of a middle school relationship. Anyways we started "dated" during the beginning of the school year and actually a good portion of that school year. I liked him a lot. He made me laugh and he's was short and so was I.

 {insert awkward throw back photo here}
Please take note at how large that camera is that I'm holding.. 

   At this time I had another Latina best friend named Karen. Karen had as much personality as my old friend Selena but not nearly as pushy and more supportive. Karen was dating Justin, Beaus best friend. It was the ideal situation, the 4 of us were together as much as we could be in school. 
   Ok let's get to this awkward kiss. I don't know when Justin and Karen first kissed but when they did there was a serious pressure on me and Beau to do the same. Though I really liked him, I wasn't ready. I would tell Karen I was scared and I wasn't ready but I mean based on my last post I had every reason to be. (I still hadn't tried lipstick out again if you were wondering) 
   Karen never made me feel like I had to until I showed some interest in doing it. Then it was Selena all over again and I had to. But she was encouraging not forceful. We had a few conversations on kissing before the act. She made it look and seem effortless and no big deal.
  Beau, probably feeling the pressure from Justin had already tried to kiss me a couple times.. So awkward! We would walk to the buses and hug but all of the sudden he tried to go in for a kiss. Every time he did I had to pull the head jerk back move or the I gotta go catch my bus in a hurry push away move. I had some friends on my bus. One in-particular a boy named Gabby. He would ask about Beau and make fun of him and when the kiss dodging started he made fun of me for not doing it. Later to only learn he made fun of me because he liked me. Oh boys, so predictable yet so confusing.
  Between Karen, Gabby and my own curiosity I decided I was going to do it. I sternly told Gabby to shut up because I was doing it. I told Karen Id report to her after. I was going to show them all! I don't know what I had to prove? And so one faithful day after school me and Beau started the walk to the buses. This memory is in slow motion in my head I think because I replayed it so many times. We walked hand in hand even though my palms were sweaty from nerves. He turned to face me to hug me and we hugged and we leaned in to kiss, my lips puckered for my first kiss, only to be surprised by my lips in his mouth. 
His mouth was open.. 
What?!? That's not what it looked like in movies!? Why was his mouth open? Wide open! I was so utterly confused and grossed out and what?! What just happened? I thought to myself if this is what kissing is like I'm done with it. First Tyler and the lipstick and now Beau with his open mouth. Kissing no longer held any kind of appeal to me. It was all horrifying and gross. Ugh! Just imagine going for a peck and then immediately feeling like your face is in the processes of being swallowed. I told Gabby he laughed and I told Karen she laughed too but was also confused. I showed them ha! It was so awkward and confusing. Even typing this I feel so awkward and ugh. Me and Beau eventually got it right after I took a break from kissing. However we ended up breaking up that year. 

So Morals to this story? I'm glad you asked. 

Moral #1: Don't kiss with your mouth wide open.
Moral #2: Don't kiss for others satisfaction
Moral #3: Don't one up your other couple friends 
Moral #4: Boys are gross 
Moral #5: This awkward story was just precursor to my life that was one awkward event after another. So when you're feeling down or awkward just remember my first kiss involved my face almost getting swallowed. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this embarrassing story or at minimum made you feel better about yourself or your first kiss. Was your first kiss as awkward as mine? Was it romantic unlike mine? Let me know! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lipstick + Big Tires = Trouble

Dear Mocha, 

Since last week was a little more serious I thought Id write something a little more fun today. When I started this blog I said I would write about advice but also my experiences. So I'm going to talk about my painfully awkward first kisses. Yes I said kisses since the first "kiss" happened in the 1st grade (yea I know first grade and it was on the cheek but still a funny story) and then my next post will be my actual first kiss. Prepare yourself. 

I spent my first grade in Seaside Oregon and I went to Seaside Heights Elementary School. I only went there for one year because we moved in the second grade but I loved that school. It had a cool layout and a wonderful huge playground, at least that's how I remember it. 

My best friend was a Hispanic girl named Selena. She was outgoing, girly, sassy, pretty, and every other adjective you can associate with a Latina, stereo typically speaking. I image her now as the type of person who went after what she wanted in life and got it, by force if necessary. Selena was the complete opposite of who I was. I was quiet and a tom boy. Every girl in our class had a crush on a boy named Tyler. Tyler was outgoing and had blonde hair and blue eyes, and a little arrogant. The type of person who I see now as a former frat boy trying to find his place in the real world. A world where your boss isn't impressed by how smug you are or how many beer cans you can crush on your head. (Boy that wasn't judgmental) 
Tyler only liked one girl. Me. I didn't care about boys, I mean, I was in the 1st grade and liked to collecting frogs and rollie pollies outside. The only boy I "liked" was a dorky boy named Simon. Because he was smart, funny and really nice to me. Regardless of how uninterested I was in boys somehow I had a "boyfriend". For two reasons 1) I was the only girl Tyler liked and he didn't take I like rollie pollies more than boys as an answer 2) Selena said I had to.

 The playground had everything lots of swings, a huge jungle gym type thing, and even a huge monster truck tire on it's side you could climb into. Everyone loved that tire, it became a hideout. I preferred the monkey bars, however me and Selena spent lots of time in that tire talking about boys and Disney princesses.
 One day Selena told me to meet her in the tire at recess. She kicked everyone out to show me what she "borrowed" from her mom. It was red lipstick. I knew what it was but I had zero interest in makeup. She begged and begged me to put some on with her. She told me "Tyler will love it". What? I know I know this girl acted way too old for her age. Eventually I put some on to shut her up and then she invited Tyler into the tire. Tyler climbed in and said "what's on your face!?" 
Lipstick 1, Selena 0

 Selena kicked everyone out and away from the tire and told everyone one to leave us alone. 

One kid yelled 
"why are they going to kiss?" 
Selena replied 

I was horrified. Um ew! Tyler asked me if we were really supposed to kiss and I replied with a simple "No!" 
I tried to get out and Tyler pulled me back in. He asked me not to leave and to sit with him and throw rocks. We weren't allowed to throw rocks, in the tire was the only time we could get away with it. We stayed in there talking about all kinds of things like cartoons and school. It was the first time I actually liked Tyler and he didn't irritate me. I kept asking if we should leave and he kept saying we were fine. Finally I told him, against his request, I was going to peek out of the tire. He gave in and said ok and before I moved he kissed me on the cheek. I was both horrified and oddly excited to tell Selena what happened. I pretending like it didn't happened, didn't say a word, and peeked out of the tire.
Everyone. Was. Gone
I knew were gonna be in so much trouble! I told Tyler, more like yelled it, and ran back to class. And, of coarse, we were in trouble. The teacher said she was looking for us and then she asked me what was all over my mouth. I can't imagine Selena applied the lipstick I forgot all about very well. I was so embarrassed I had to wash me lips off at the sink at the back of the classroom while everyone including Simon and Selena's freshly washed mouth was whispering and giggling at me a Tyler being late together and the lipstick on my face. Trust me when I tell you it took me a few years for me to have an interest in boys and even longer to want to put lipstick on my face again. 

What kind of Mocha Monday would this be without a moral to the story? 

Moral #1: your friends aren't always right.
Moral #2: don't let a novice apply your lipstick 
Moral #3: listen to your gut and don't give into peer pressure, especially if lipstick and big tires are involved. 
Moral #4: Rollie pollies > boys 
Moral #5: a lot of my experience stories are awkward/weird/embarrassing I am human. An awkward human. Get ready for another story on Wednesday.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

R-E-S-P-E-C-T part3

Dear Mocha 

Saturday post say whhaaaaa? Well this week had some serious content I promise next week will be a lighter and a little more fun. This is the last of the respect posts and I think one of the most important ones. Maybe I should have started with this one? Oh well here we go!

Today's topic on respect is self-respect. This is a big one and I think it's easy to loose sight of this one. 

The dictionary defines self-respect as: Proper esteem or regard for the dignity of one's character.

If you asked me I'd say self-respect is self acceptance physical, emotional and even mental. I think like we can all can find ourselfs in a place of little to no self-respect. Too often it seems we can get caught up in what society and the media tells us is ok and not assessing our own values and dignity. It's easy to say hey respect yo self but I think people have lost how to do that. So this is how I suggest to do so. These are things I have to think about and remind myself as well. 

- Stop putting yourself down - 
You deserve to be treated with respect. Stop making humorous put downs on your own behalf especially if you believe them or don't treat yourself with respect. When you hear negative things about yourself you can start to believe them even if you're the one saying it. If you won't respect yourself who will? 

- Consider your emtions - 
Your feelings and emotions are just as important as anyone else's and they should be respected. When in self doubt or any situation really think about how you are truly feeling. Are you comfortable? Are you upset? Why? 

- Expect and only accept respect - 
As I've already stated you deserve to be treated with respect. Sometimes you think you are being kind or just shy by letting people get away with not respecting you but in reality your allowing people to treat you poorly and opening the door for further disrespect. 

- Align your morals and values to your actions-
This kind of goes along with the first one. First you need to understand your own morals and values. Really consider what you truly feel is right and wrong. Don't indulge in what you know is wrong because everyone else thinks it's ok or everyone else is doing it. Have more self-respect than that. Get acquainted and comfortable with who you are. Only put yourself in uncomfortable situations if it's going to better yourself not satisfy others.

- Show Respect - 
As much as you deserve it so do others. By showing respect you are showing others how you should be treated. You get what you give. 

If you feel you've been running low on self-respect or you just needed a reminder I hope this helped! Id love to know what your are thoughts on self-respect.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

R-E-S-P-E-C-T part2

Dear Mocha 

Mondays post was about respecting your parents today I want to talk about respecting your friends. A key to any good relationship is respect. In order to keep and have good friends or quality friends respect is important. 

For certain blog post I talk to friends or my boyfriend about the topic. Like I asked my boyfriend why it was important to respect your parents and he gave great feed back. Then I asked him why it's important to respect your friends it ended up in an almost frustrating conversation. He used examples of some of our real life friends and the respect and even lack of respect they get from me or other friends. He had more questions than answers but it really made me think about this topic. Even made me think about the respect I give others. He raised questions about how good a friend is and someone's own idea of what respect is. 

The most important thing I want to convey is if you want quality and longevity out of your friendships it requires respect

You show respect to your friends by accepting them for who they are and their needs and desires. You can respect your friends by respecting their privacy, respecting their aspirations and respecting who they are without trying to change them. I have quite a few friends and even more acquaintances but I have very few good friends and even less best friends. But I can say my best friends are my best friends for numerous reasons but one of the main reasons is we respect each other. 

Love each other and respect each other you may be surprised with the outcome.