Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Displaced Anger

Dear Mocha, 

Hello after yet another break I'm back. The past couple weeks we have packed up all of our things and moved to another apartment. Technically we are all moved in now and we are almost all unpacked. Still finding new homes for some old belongings. Maybe I'll do another post with not really a tour but snap shots of my favorite parts of our new home. But for now back to business. 

Something has been on my mind lately. Displaced anger. Getting mad and frustrated is part of being human but sometimes we take our anger out on the wrong place or person. Maybe it's because it's something or someone we are more comfortable with or easier than focusing our anger where it belongs or would be useful. I am most definitely guilty of this. It's something that I don't always realize imidiately. Usually it takes until I'm calm and level headed to understand and sometimes it takes someone else pointing it out. I've been thinking about what the best approach to solving this issue is and the best way to advise you. A good way to start is to recognize that you're doing it or did it. Once you have, a good way to clear the air or attempt to mend a situation is to apologize and explain. The hardest part really is recognizing that you did it. Most of the time we are so caught up in anger we lose focus of what really made us feel that way. But once you realize that you are, know that you are never too big or too good to apologize.